Whenever we hear of the word “clay”, it is normal to instantly have pottery and construction products such as bricks, cross our minds. It is not surprising, since conventionally, clay has popularly been known for its fundamental role in making these items. However, in the contemporary world, this has since changed. Not only is crushed clay used as a skincare product but one that also enhances the hair’s health. 

Nonetheless, this does not imply that clay has only started being used as a beauty product recently. From ancient times, it was still used for this purpose but has gained massive popularity in modern times. In addition to this, it is one of the best-selling products in multiple beauty outlets globally. This is enough proof that goes a long way in justifying how effective clay is for the hair and the skin as well. 

Most of us are particularly very keen when selecting the products that we use on the skin or hair. Owing to this, it is a wise call to purchase beauty products such as clay, from credible outlets like Argiletz France. Pertaining to clay, reliable beauty outlets will have a wide range of clay beauty products, all of which are of high quality. You can also rest assured that there will be numerous benefits to enjoy from the clay products purchased from such stores.

Variety Of Clay Beauty Products – Clay Masks

These clay products are fashioned to be used in form of masks. The variety is primarily brought about by the type of clay used in the manufacture of the products. Each type of clay plays a distinct role in enhancing the well-being of the skin. Here are the different kinds of clay masks:

  1. Red clay – This type of clay is suitable for almost any type of skin. It is rich in iron oxide and is very efficient in taking in excess sebum from the skin and creating a balance.
  2. Green clay – Also known as sea clay, it is one of the popular types of clay used in skincare. It is fitting for skin that is prone to breakouts or one that is oily. 
  3. Yellow clay – For those who have extra sensitive skin, this is the kind of clay for you. It is gentle and keeps the skin away from irritation caused by harsh external factors such as heat or dust.
  4. Kaolin clay – It is commonly referred to as white clay. Due to its attributes as an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant, it is quite a favorite for those in need of refined skin.
  5. Purple clay – Even though there are purple clay masks, this type of clay is mainly used as a pigment in makeup. Even so, it cleans the skin and also leaves it more even.

From the types listed above, some are more suitable for dry skin while others tend to be more effective when used on oily skin. However, all types of clay are equally beneficial and play a substantial role in boosting the skin’s health and appearance.

Benefits Of Using Clay on Your Skin

With consistent use of the right kind of clay on your skin, it:

  1. Alleviates of tender forms of acne
  2. Cleans out pores filled with dirt or surplus oil.
  3. Gets rid of toxins.
  4. Manages conditions such as eczema.
  5. Helps the skin retain the necessary amount of moisture.

While using the clay masks on your skin, you should not be worried when some of it from your face gets to your hair. Why so? This clay is also known for reducing dandruff from the scalp and to protect the hair from getting damaged by heat. All the same, have the mask on for about a quarter an hour before wiping it off. Ensure that you use warm water and a cloth when removing the crushed clay, for the best results.



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