Michael Kors Colgate Perforated Leather Tote

April 22nd, 2014 by aclazaro

Are you a fan of the Michael Kors brand? Well then look what we’ve got! What we have here is the Michael Kors Colgate Perforated Leather Tote. One of the most unique features of this bag is its color that would surely look chic on your. You must also look at the picture of the model here and her attire that could be the best example of attire to match this bag with.

This is an amazing bag that has some pure punctured pelt that is set in azure – just like the color of the fresh ocean sea that is deep and pure. It comes with apex holders and a label that is designer lynched. It has a hoary hardware and a tag on its apex that is shatter binding. This is set to brighten each of your days ahead once you own this. Pair it up with any of your apparels in your closet.

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MCM Ivana Patent Medium Bowler Satchel

March 18th, 2014 by aclazaro

This MCM Ivana Patent Medium Bowler Satchel is the perfect thing to bring when you head for one long trip. It has enough space to accommodate all your most valuable items and maintain a stylish look. It has an out and out pelt with twofold shoulder fastening. It has the internal zipped up section with two additional partitions. It is one must have item for fashion fanatics.

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Hamptons Tote by YSL

March 3rd, 2014 by aclazaro

This runaway bag is worth every cent. You can have a true fashion accessory with much functionality as you enjoy this very sleek bag from YSL. The Hamptons Tote has a black perforated leather material that can remind you of the favorite food of mouse. Well, this one is definitely not to rot with the rats. It is an ideal work bag and carry on which is just roomy enough for all your everyday needs. Other features include soft, contoured handles that will ensure for a smooth grip and double zipper for a nice touch and structural support. You can see at first glance the bag’s difference with the typical ones that its upper corners don’t collapse easily. This bag provides you the necessary privacy with its leather holes covered with a second layer of leather so nothing is exposed. The Y logo is not that attention grabbing but still adds to the overall look of the bag. Will you buy this limited-edition piece for $1,595 at YSL boutiques and Saks.com.

pic via bagsnob.com

Bally Christa Color Block Leather Shoulder Bag

December 15th, 2013 by aclazaro

Add accent to your chic attire with this sophisticated color block leather shoulder bag from Bally brand. It comes with crimson pelt and spruced shoulder fasten. It has interior zipped up bind section. It has two interior split section and designer embossed for its bullion hardware. It is totally creased. It has thrust fasten bind for its flutter façade. It is a must have item for fashion.

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Love the Bag, Love the Shoes

August 2nd, 2013 by aclazaro

If designer bags aren’t your scene and you’re looking for something handcrafted, then why not check out these lovely handmade bags from UK based Love the Bag, Love the shoes.
Handmade in Northern Thailand from fabrics woven by the Karen hilltribe people, these gorgeous bags add some unique style to any outfit. Available in handbag and tote sizes. The handbagscome in 6 gorgeous colours from Brilliant orange, to Fall brown, Bright pink to soft blue. The Totes are big enough for a trip to the beach, gym or grocery store, and perfect for new mums who want to look chic while still carrying all those baby bits and pieces around. They come in 4 lovely colours.

UK based, Love the bag love the shoes also ship to the US with shipping rates in line with cross state US based on line shipping, so why not give them a try?

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Bottega Veneta Silver Lizard Cuff and Ring

April 18th, 2013 by aclazaro

What’s hot in our current fashion trend is anything that looks exotic with all the animal pattern designs. It has even turned out to be the obsession of too many ladies. How about some exotic looking accessories? Maybe a necklace, ring or bracelet? If you think this is possible, then you would love this Bottega Veneta Silver Lizard Cuff and Ring.

It really comes with a very bold appeal not just of its exotic design but its screaming pink color. It would really serve as a fashion statement for the wearer. It is made out of sterling silver with some panels in fuchsia lizard skin panel. It really exudes of great wilderness and high exoticness. It has all the needed stud embellishments to make it remain tough looking too. It is hinged with some straps and twist lock fastening for easy close and open. This cuff can really turn up your sleek yet subtle look.

Photo via handbags800.com

Furla Piper Small Cartella Satchel

March 27th, 2013 by aclazaro

This is perfect for the busy girl with lots of busy days. It has pebbled leather and an interior that is very spacious. It has ample room for all your things and items that you deem are essential.

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Judith Leiber Labyrinth Clutch Handbag

February 20th, 2013 by aclazaro

Surely, many individuals would love this Judith Leiber Labyrinth Clutch Handbag at first sight. This has an appeal that is very addictive due to its print of abstract geometric. It may not be utterly feminine when you bring it with you as an evening clutch but it still remains fancy with its logical pattern and shade.

Some get attracted to it due to its name called Labyrinth. This means a maze-like structure taken from the greek mythology. But with this bag, it means a very elaborate design and pattern made by an iconic artificer. One shape of it goes into another pattern and off to another large one until it achieves a radicalization effect.

Just like the other clutch handbags of Judith leiber, this one has a top snap closure with a 19” chain for optional way of carrying it over your shoulder. It is surely modest and functional enough to be able to carry your small items to an evening party.

Photo via handbagcomment.com