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The Fashionable Chanel Watch

April 1st, 2013 by aclazaro

With this blog entry, we will emphasize that time is really precious. The Chanel Watch mostly come in black and white to exude a great sense of innovation. This is the key thing with many people running to Chanel Shoppe to give contrast to the highly colored dresses in France. It has been Chanel’s main goals to always break the fashion tradition in France.

With various brands of watches going for innovation and modernity these days, it is not anymore surprising that most of them like Jaeger, Zenith, Patek Philippe and many more to begin omitting the hands in the watch and produce more watches that are also pretty much focused with the aesthetic appeal.

Chanel decided to return to their original designs and material – a black watch face with a black high tech ceramic interface; a case set with diamonds,; quarts movement; and color bezel enchased in 18k yellow gold.

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