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Saffiano Print Tote by Prada

April 8th, 2014 by aclazaro

You will never regret buying this bag. At first glance, the Saffiano Print Tote by Prada is somewhat limited for its functionality because of the printed design but I will tell you that it is worth the price tag of $2,450 at Bergdorf Goodman. Few years from now, you can find this tote as a sought-after classic and the value would be relatively high. If you can feel this bag in person you can say that the pictures understated the goodness of this piece. We can thank the internet for the previews and reviews but never restrict your choices with these because you can find lovable bags personally. Let’s look at this bag. Although the pattern used was already done by Prada’s previous designers, the reinterpretation is really adorable with its baby blue, dove gray and white version. If you can afford to purchase Prada’s apparel, please do so. The luxurious bag will go well with spring printed clothes because of its well-handcrafted look. You could not wait to touch its gentle texture as paired with the structured and tough saffiano leather material. What do you think?

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Struzzo Executive Tote by Prada

February 14th, 2014 by aclazaro

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Prada? Even if I would not run a survey, most of the people would say high quality materials with outstanding designs of bags. But nowadays, Prada does not make anything surprising with its line of collection aside from the price tag of course. You may even buy a piece from their respective stores only for the designer’s tag or even for the bag’s skin. Let’s take the no-zest Struzzo Executive Tote for an example. The ostrich skin material that made this bag unique gained both positive and negative reviews from the bag shoppers. It will either make you smile or think if it is worth sacrificing an animal’s life. Other features include golden metal hardware that can give you a sophisticated look, business-like shape, East/West body and double top handles. If you carefully look inside the bag, it has jacquard lining and a zip pocket and you can have a piece for a price of $5,995 at Bergdorf Goodman.

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Saffiano Soft Frame Clutch by Prada

January 14th, 2014 by aclazaro

The designer bag Saffiano Soft Frame Clutch from Prada’s classic collection has a good construction with its smooth black leather material. This somewhat oversized clutch can be used on daytime or nights. One must personally experience this great bag on her hands to justify its $1,350 price at Saks. Other features include structured closure, leather-lined interior in color taupe, several pockets and more than enough space.

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Prada Canapa Satchel

January 8th, 2014 by aclazaro

Before hitting the beach or stroll on the shore, check this one out. From Prada, this chic bag is a perfect match for those tanned girls because of its vibrant orange color. A totally laid-back bag with struck gold can complement any dress for daily use. You may get confused with this bag’s style with Tod’s or Prada’s Car Shoe but what matters most is the quality that you have for a great satisfaction. You can purchase one now at Bergdorf Goodman for $1195.

Saffiano Lux Tote by Prada

January 7th, 2014 by aclazaro

Another proof that Prada has it is the Saffiano Lux Tote in blue and red leather. Aside from the great leathers, this bag shows clean lines on top of its striking colors. The tonal topstitch add up to the overall texture while its gold accents captivate everyone’s attention. The top handles as well as the perfect hardware make the bag a true classic. With its elegant look, the bag’s price of $1495 in Bergdorf Goodman is truly worth it.

Spazzolato Tote by Prada

November 12th, 2013 by aclazaro

For $2,395 in Saks, you would have second thoughts on having the Prada Spazzolato Tote. It has good and bad points that you can be seen in this review. The shape of the bag is quite interesting as well as the bag’s lining in leather material. The overall look also contributed to added appeal because you cannot see what’s inside. However, be ready for some disappointments like the patent leather that appeared to be cheap. The rhinestones designed on the bag are quite annoying because of its location like on the bag’s closure.

Prada Tote

October 10th, 2013 by aclazaro

Prada Tote

Tote’s are in! I have gone thru several designer bag sites and totes are highlighted more than ever! I’m a fan of these because it’s very versatile. It’s casual and virtually anything would fit in it! Do you have a tote? If not, then you better get one! I mean, how fashionable can a tote get, right? This is a PRADA. The branding in front is all you need. Get one of each color and you’re set to go out dressed casually but still look stylish. Watch out for paparazzi’s! You have to be in style even if you’re just going to the grocery. I guess that’s why designer labels are releasing designs for totes more often before. What do you think? Would you be caught carrying a tote rather than a leather bag? I would. I don’t think it’s that bad. Especially that they are still designer bags, right?
Shopping tote in nylon, Prada’s signature material, with adjustable removable shoulder strap, zipper closing with button, and internal pocket with zipper. Polished steel hardware. Classic Prada logo fabric lining. 36 cm x 35 cm

Prada Nylon Jacquard Tote

June 11th, 2012 by aclazaro


From Prada’s Fall 2009 collection comes this rather unusual Nylon Jacquard Tote. Unusual for the reason that I am not used to seeing big brands making use of large prints for their collection. That aside, this model is marketed as a casual tote, with plenty of room for your personal items. It features a practical snap closure for easy access to contents, two top leather handles and a detachable shoulder strap, a brilliant ruched top, sizable inside zip pockes, side string tassels with drawstring cinch style, teh signature jacquard lining and of course, Prada’s signature gold logo in front.

Available in colors red and black.