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Pendleton X Opening Ceremony = Swing Dress

March 27th, 2014 by aclazaro

Have you experienced buying a highly priced piece of apparel that was just perfect for the past seasons but now gathering dusts in your closet because it was not in the trend anymore? Well, the one we will be feature this time can always be a part of this summer and the summers to come. Just like the little black dress, this swing dress from the collaborative efforts of Pendleton and Opening Ceremony can be a staple fashion statement. I have been exposed to sneaker collaborations that made huge success but this time, the dress wwill be a real hit in the market. With an affordable price of $450, this true feminine piece is simply cute. The charming plaid print utilized the possible colors for spring like neutrals, prairie and khakis. What do you think of this swing dress? Would this one swing your heart out? Your opinion counts here.

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Alexander Wang x Opening Ceremony Tote

March 5th, 2014 by aclazaro

Admit it, if you just have all the money then you would not settle for cheaper bags. You will stack your cabinet with high quality designer bags that will surely be a conversation starter in any event. Well, let’s face the reality that not everything you want can come true and so you need to have alternatives. Just like the collaboration of Alexander Wang and Opening Ceremony to give us another affordable option. If having Wang’s Rocco duffle seems far-fetched then opt for this limited edition canvas tote. This bag was sold only for the Ace Hotel as it had a new outpost. This simple tote has silver or gold studs with two labels of the collaborated teams that can be found inside. A real collector’s item, no wonder that this bag was sold out immediately for a price tag of $125. It is also a good gift for the studs have variations in grooves that if you choose silver studs you can have three groves while for the gold one with just one. Try checking out their website if they were able to replenish stocks with this good-looking everyday bag.

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