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Lady Gaga on Hermes Birkin

June 1st, 2010 by aclazaro

I know you love Lady Gaga just like everybody else! And I do love her too and her unique fashion sense. With this picture, it was discovered that even when it comes to bags, she performs unique makeovers right on her Hermes Birkins. It is as if she wants all the lovers of handbag all over the world to think of a creative way to apply to their own handbags. Just like this last Hermes Birkin!

This particular Birkin was conquered with studs, that are not simple, but really sharp-looking ones! This is the type of studs which when poked at you, you would imagine yourself saying Ouch! And when you take a closer look at the bag, they are not at all set apart from each other. It is actually designed in a pattern but with free form.

Hence, this is Lady Gaga! What else can you expect but beautiful and fabulous eccentricity!

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