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Ingrid Maillot Swimsuit by Hayden Harnett

March 11th, 2014 by aclazaro

Can you feel the summer heat now? The tingling sensation brought by the sun as well as the exciting ambiance of the sea breeze will surely lead you to seek for more. Take this Ingrid Maillot Swimsuit as a start of your new endeavor. If you are heading to a swimming pool or will be hitting the beach soon, you better pack your things with this chic swimwear from Hayden Harnett. Though at first glance you will have hesitations on how well this apparel will hug your figure, don’t worry that much because the trend that flows at the hip and bodice will have no problem dealing with any body shape. For only $218, you can have great options of bold colors that may complement your skin color. If you think that the patterned piping situated on the front part goes well with a sassy shade of red or the typical black color, it is your call. What I am sure is that you will enjoy the cute tie at the neck and the sexy back keyhole as you confidently flaunt your assets while having a good tan.

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