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Gypsy Heel by Seychelles

March 7th, 2014 by aclazaro

I think that being fashionable equates to being experimental when maximizing the use of your trendy stuffs. You should not limit on what was written but try to be bold with your actions and try to personalize. Just like with clothes, you try to mix and match things so that a piece that is supposed to be exclusive for night time parties could be worm for daytime. You just switch the bottoms add up some accessories plus the proper hairdo and makeup viola you are all set. Try this one with the Gypsy Heel by Seychelles. If it is an evident summer wear then why try to use it during cold weather with your cutest pair of socks? Especially made with luxurious suede, this stand-out heel can be purchased for $95 in color black or orange. Other features include 4.25 inch stacked heel that will definitely elevate those who are in need of height as well as an adjustable ankle wrap for a secured fit. Try wearing these for your office work or if you want to do ballroom afterwards.

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