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Ladies Tech: Pink iPods

January 21st, 2014 by aclazaro

Every girl needs her soundtrack. Anything from listening to for the commute to work, the endless boring waiting hours at wherever, waiting in line or something to get dressed to. But music players are again, a man’s world. Its always white or black or grey and we always have to pay extra to get that girly gadget we want. So for the ultimate music accessory, the iPod, they came out with pink iPods that are every girl’s dream music player.


Pink iPod video.


The pink iPod nano, 3rd generation.


And the pink iPod nano, 2nd gen.

A girl’s gotta have her music, right?

Ladies Tech: Pink PDAs

January 16th, 2010 by nixxi

Sometimes, due to stress, we often tend to forget things, errands and other important engagements. But in this digital age, there is no need to worry. A PDA is your best friend. A PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant. It will keep track of your business and social calendar for you. Remind you of things as important as birthdays, anniversaries and parties, and some more mundane things that you would otherwise forget such as getting some milk before going home, or getting your dry cleaning done.

Lately, pink PDAs have come out that will satisfy any fashionista out there. Who says your PDA cant be as flashy as you?




These gadgets will surely become your best friend fast. Not only will they make you more efficient at your job, it help you balance your home life and your social life.

Ladies Tech: Cellphones

January 16th, 2010 by nixxi

The first of the gadgets to ever cross that pink line is the ever reliable cellphone. To be honest, people now are really starting to be attached to their cellphones, and us ladies are no different. Its really something we dont leave home without, and we rely too much on it for calls to loved ones, text messaging, taking pictures, etc. So probably, cellphone brands decided that we should have to stick to drab and boring colored phones, they decided to come out with pink gadgets to appease the girls out there who wants their primary gadget to be pink.


Pink phones from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and etc…


The pink version of the iPhone…


And for you businesswomen out there, the pink Blackberry Curve.

All these gadgets can fulfill your telecommunications needs, from simple texting and calls, to emails and sending pictures and spreadsheets, they can do it all for you.

Ladies Tech: Gaming Consoles

January 15th, 2010 by nixxi

For the girls who are gamers out there, there is no need to stick to the monochromatic black consoles that guys are lugging around. If you want to play games in your idle time and just cant bear to look at the white and grey Sony PSP or Nintendo DS, there is always a choice of girly pinks for your chosen gaming console.

pink_ds_litedsi02Pink variants of the Nintendo DS, if you’re a Nintendo fan.



And the pink variants of the PSP, if you prefer Sony.

Who says girls cant be great gamers too? If you join in, you just might be better at it than most guys.

Ladies Tech: Cameras

January 15th, 2010 by nixxi

When we’re out with our girlfriends, we always want to preserve the moments. But when we bring cameras, they’re always gray or black, very manly and not very ladylike. Its a good thing that we can finally have cameras that perform the task of capturing pictures but still remain girly and not cumbersome to bring. Here are some cameras that are geared towards ladies. They’re slim and can fit into any purse, and pink, which is always a good thing.


This is one from Samsung.

230564438Another from Lumix.

w55 pink

This one from Sony.

See, they’re all non-bulky and very girly cameras. Point and shoot so we wont have to think about anything else but to smile.

Mobile phones with a Feminine touch

January 3rd, 2010 by msj484

Samsung is quick to note that female mobile phone users need something that has more personality, something more feminine. As such Samsung came up with their own line of mobile phones specially for women. And yes of course these cool gadgets come in the perennial female color – Pink.

samsungSamsung M8800 Pixon Pink 8MP Camera Phone With Touchscreen Feature.

samsung2Samsung Tocco F480 Pink Mobile Phone – This gadget is very popular among the users for its great memory capacity. It has 232 MB internal memory and 8 GB external memory


Samsung J700 Pink Mobile Phone


Samsung U900 Soul Pink Mobile Phone

All of these Samsung mobile phones comes with functional and attractive features while ensuring durability to its users.