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Strawberry Top Ankle Sock by Free People

March 10th, 2014 by aclazaro

How often do you usually have a pedicure in a month? Personally, if I will not be lazy at all, I visit the beauty salon every two weeks so that would be twice a month. I have the habit of trying every color of nail polish for my feet to set up my mood. However, when I am attacked with procrastination it would be better to have this Strawberry Top Ankle Sock by Free People. Why would I say that? Because it would be no problem at all if I missed a pedicure session and I have to go to the shopping mall or meet some friends. You can pair the kawaii sock with your favorite platform sandals or peep-toe pumps to have the cute prep-schoolgirl look. To have a detailed inspection, the materials used for this reversible sock are organic cotton and nylon. The whimsical look can be purchased for $24 by having the stripes on one side and the other with tiny flowers.

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