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Fantasy Island Swimsuit by Insight

April 24th, 2014 by aclazaro

After the dreaded winter, here comes another season to prepare us for the beach. Well, maybe winter is not that frightening after all but if you compare the stunning beauty of the waves with the freezing cold you know what I mean. Thank God that we got the internet for us to surf and prepare for our vacation package. Mine consists of tanning lotion, summer hat and gorgeous flip flops. What else is missing? Oh yes, that will be a swimsuit. Take this Fantasy Island Swimsuit by Insight as an example. Even if you can fit this on a dressing room I can tell you that this one-piece swimsuit is amazing. Look at the geometric design and cut to believe me. The cut out sides of this $98 apparel as well as the super low, bikini-like back is really sexy. With matching slim halter, the deep V neckline can show off you’re a peak on your cleavage or even complement the lack thereof quite nicely.

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