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Gold Collection Sunglasses by DITA

October 3rd, 2013 by aclazaro


Dita Eyewear recently released these gold-plated sunglasses (in 24k yellow gold and 18K white gold coatings), as the latest addition to the brand’s Spring 2009 Gold collection.  Gita Eyewear owners Jeff Solorio and John Juniper,  known for their homage of the evolution of eyewear style and design starting in the 50s up until the 1980s, released this collection that speaks volume of their unique vision and innovative spirit.

These pairs will be available in four frame style selections e.g. the Dynasty, Voulezvous, Ambassador, and Midnight Special styles. This is a limited collection so if you are willing and ready to shell out the amount between $680-900, you might want to head off to the nearest Dita Legends store near you.