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Modele Invisible Lip Liner

December 30th, 2013 by aclazaro


Check out Modele unique invisible lip liner. It comes with a nice treat for your lips. I love this product because it provents my lipstick from feathering and bleeding. Apply this anti-wrinkle lip defining pensil to your lips lining just outside the natural lip line and it goes invisible. It works well in sealing the area of your lipstick so it won’t bleed. Then, apply your lipstick the usual way.

It make my lips alluring and kissable without the wrinkles. You will definitely love this product. You can check it out at clubmodele website.

Vaseline Intensive Care

November 18th, 2009 by dooce


One of the beauty products that I love is the Vaseline Intensive Care product that redefines your body’s skin. The product comes in a renewal age redefining lotions that contain 30% alpha hydroxy acids than other leading moisturizing lotions. I personally use this product, so I am giving it a thumbs up. You will never go wrong with this product. It is assured that your skin is taken care of.

After several use, you will be able to feel the effects of the lotion. Your skin will become visibly smoother, firmer, and suppler with just a few times use. Make it as part of your daily use to maintain its effect in moisturizing your skin.

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