M Missoni Horoscope Bags

October 22nd, 2013 by aclazaro

M Missoni has created a new set of bags that are more personalized in terms of your zodiac sign. They came up with 12 themed bags that you can choose according to your own horoscope. It has the right size to make it ideal to be brought when you go out to shop or just when you are in your casual walks. They are also perfect to serve as gifts for birthdays. It comes with great brush graphics with a lettering set at old typewriter style.

Each bag is set in a particular color from the rainbow palette. It seems that Missoni has definitely made their research to match the color that fits your sign and personality. For example, energetic yellow for Sagittarius, pale pink for Cancer and even azure blue bag for Pisces and a lot more. Would you want to grab one that matches your sign? You can get them for as low as $29.

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