Juicy Couture: Jewelry and Accessories

January 18th, 2010 by nixxi

This is another cult hit by Juicy Couture. This is the Juicy Couture jewelry and accessories line. They have come out with necklaces, bracelets, watches, hair accessories, cellphone charms and a whole lot more.

Juicy Couture’s signature design included enamel hearts, huge and blinged out cocktail rings, keys, butterflies and a whole lot more. The thing with this line is that it is highly addictive since it goes with any outfit, you can use it minimally for office and work, and then layer it on for parties. There have been noted stars that buy the collection in bulk, it is always a good gift to give for someone.



And the winners for the Best Hair Product awards are…

December 10th, 2009 by msj484

2009 is a competitive year for all the markets including beauty and fashion. Lots of products have spurred for all those who wants to keep themselves appealing. The hair products that you have used and have been using for this year might be one of the winners of the 2009 Beauty Awards from Women’s Health Magazine.

Best shampoo goes to Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths and Pantene Pro-V Ice got the Best Conditioner award too. Both can be purchased for $4 only.

Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother ($24) is the Best Styling product while the Best Heat Styling Product was stolen by Dove Heat Defense Therapy Mist ($4).

Want to enhance your curls? Then try using the Bumble and Bumble Curl Defining Cream which was awarded as the Best Curl Enhancing Shaping product. By the way, you can avail it for only $27.

Can’t get rid of frizz? How about the TREsemme Simply No Frizz Spray Gel to tame those locks?

Do you have a hair product in mind? Share with us the product you think is best for fellow “primpers” and “prettifiers” like you!

Mini Flat Iron to Hair Style

December 3rd, 2009 by dooce


If you are looking for a nice deal this holiday season, check out the mini flat iron by Remington. The flat iron comes in titanium and ceramic material. It heats up to 392 degrees. It is very ideal for quick touch ups for short hair with precise hair styling.

Remington Mini Flat iron is only $19.99. It is perfect for your personal hair styling equipment. You can also use it as a perfect gift for your friends or teen daughter. You do not have to go to the salon to have a nice smooth and straight hair.

Hot Beauty Tips: 2 Ways How To Look Younger Part two

November 24th, 2009 by dooce


Here are other ways on how to look younger. Check them out:

Brighten and Revitalize your skin. Studies show that older women have harder time sleeping. When you wake up and you feel that your skin seems to look dull on that day, all you have to do is apply a chilled wet washcloth to your face before applying your make. This will give you an instant brighter skin. The cold could actually shrink your pores and brightens your complexion.

Your hair can also affect your look. A young hair has a healthy shine and bounce. In order to look younger, get a nice sophisticated hair do. This will cut off dead hair and try to check if bangs can actually make you look younger. Bangs actually create instant youth to hair and face. So, try to experiment. If you look good on bangs, go with a hairstyle that comes with a bangs!

These are just simple tips to make you look and feel young in an instant. I will be posting more tips like this, so check them out!

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Better at Stopping Dandruff

November 23rd, 2009 by dooce


Dandruff is so hard to beat Dandruff. I have used practically most of the shampoo brands that are available in the market and only Head & Shoulders Shampoo could give me some noticeable improvement with my dandruff. Although, I must admit that I still have my dandruff, but it is not very minimal. Unlike before, where as if I have a snow machine in my head.

The Zinc formula of the shampoo is very effective in destroying my snow machine. I guess I could find the best formula for my head. Anyways, Head & Shoulders have been with developing their anti-dandruff shampoo for almost 40 years, it is probably the reason why it is ahead in fighting against dandruff in comparison to other brands. I am not affiliated in any ways with this product, I just want to share my experience and the hot products, which I think are effective. Definitely Head & Shoulders shampoo is on my lists.

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ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Heat Infusion Treatment

November 21st, 2009 by dooce


This is a hot deal from Avon! Their ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Heat Infusion Treatment, which I personally love is on hot sale at a price of $3.99. This new product is the first attempt of Avon to produce a heat infused hair treatment product, and it delivers beautifully with its purpose. It locks in moisture to depleted hair. It seals the moisture in the hair cuticle, making the hair soft, smooth and with a healthy shine.

I also love the product because it works effectively in restoring your hair with every strand. Check it out and love it like I do.

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Hot Beauty Product: At Home Color Enhancer

November 16th, 2009 by dooce


I am looking for something to post, and I found this great color enhancer, which is actually a DIY product. No need for you to go to the saloon and be charged of hundreds of dollars just to get the color you want in your hair.

Another reason why I love this hair color enhancer is it does not look fake. Its color are solid and uniform that it is so hard to tell if it is fake, or you are naturally born with the color. I also love its ability to naturally break into dimensional color so it allows you to add the subtle high and low shades found in your hair. Unlike other hair coloring treatment that only colors the hair in a plain and monotone way, which looks so unnatural.

Hot Beauty Products: Origins goes Organic

November 13th, 2009 by dooce

BS_Origins_366Check out the new Origins that was launched ont he first 100% organic products. It seems that beauty products nowadays comes in nice minimalist package with organic materials. Origins is now taking its way on becoming organic.

Origins released their nourishing oils for skin and hair that are 100% organic for a healthy skin and hair. Their line of products like hair contain essential oils that are harvested and processed in small batches to make capture the purity of the aroma and character of each.

I also love origins essential oils for body and massage. Their organic oils were made from nutmeg, patchouli, chamomile, sweet orange, and lavender. It definitely smells divine. It is definitely a must buy, must have product.

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