Hot Beauty Tips: 2 Ways How To Look Younger Part two

November 24th, 2009 by dooce


Here are other ways on how to look younger. Check them out:

Brighten and Revitalize your skin. Studies show that older women have harder time sleeping. When you wake up and you feel that your skin seems to look dull on that day, all you have to do is apply a chilled wet washcloth to your face before applying your make. This will give you an instant brighter skin. The cold could actually shrink your pores and brightens your complexion.

Your hair can also affect your look. A young hair has a healthy shine and bounce. In order to look younger, get a nice sophisticated hair do. This will cut off dead hair and try to check if bangs can actually make you look younger. Bangs actually create instant youth to hair and face. So, try to experiment. If you look good on bangs, go with a hairstyle that comes with a bangs!

These are just simple tips to make you look and feel young in an instant. I will be posting more tips like this, so check them out!

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