Better at Stopping Dandruff

November 23rd, 2009 by dooce


Dandruff is so hard to beat Dandruff. I have used practically most of the shampoo brands that are available in the market and only Head & Shoulders Shampoo could give me some noticeable improvement with my dandruff. Although, I must admit that I still have my dandruff, but it is not very minimal. Unlike before, where as if I have a snow machine in my head.

The Zinc formula of the shampoo is very effective in destroying my snow machine. I guess I could find the best formula for my head. Anyways, Head & Shoulders have been with developing their anti-dandruff shampoo for almost 40 years, it is probably the reason why it is ahead in fighting against dandruff in comparison to other brands. I am not affiliated in any ways with this product, I just want to share my experience and the hot products, which I think are effective. Definitely Head & Shoulders shampoo is on my lists.

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