Pierre Hardy Neon Sneakers

December 2nd, 2014 by aclazaro

This will surely top off your sporty look and this pair of colorful sneakers is made out of fabric and leather. It will surely make you in line with the latest trends of today. Make the most out of its juicy color shades especially with its neon top and top off your entire casual and cool looks.

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Lanvin Suede Moccasins

October 29th, 2014 by aclazaro

You can stylize your every look with this pair of moccasins especially with its forest green color. It is set in trimmed suede flats that are perfect not just for the daytime events but also for the semi formal attires as well. It is most perfect to pair it up with a pair of shorts.

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Patent Leather Sneakers by Burberry

October 17th, 2014 by aclazaro

Instead of going for the usual sneaker pairs, why don’t you settle for something branded like this pair of Burberry leather sneakers? It comes in mixed turquoise and azure blue colors that are very trendy especially for this year. It has glossy patent leather design perfect to be worn for a relaxing weekend.

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Trotting Blooms by Emerson Made

April 10th, 2014 by aclazaro

When was the last time that you saw and enjoyed the classic art of hand dyed materials? Aside from the intricate designs, the technology used to produce a high quality material is quite amazing. Though some may say that the products made from this material work best during a specific season, others may disagree. Just take a good look with the trotting blooms by Emerson Made. Emerson Made is well-known for its specialized hand dyed and hand stitched blooms and accessories. Who does not want to have great accessories to complement their cool outfits in the first place? If you can have vast options of flowers in many forms that are just waiting to match up your entire wardrobe, then Emerson Made will surely satisfy your needs. The new Trotting Blooms from the said designer are made specifically for accenting shoes that can make ordinary looking shoes to have a chic style for a price tag of about $36 to $48.

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Whit Platform Wedge by Matiko

March 27th, 2014 by aclazaro

Does height matters? Who gain primary attention during typical gatherings, tall women or short ones? Would it be nice to have the body and stance of ramp models that dominate the fashion world? Most of the short people I know prefer objects that make them taller like wedges and high heeled shoes if they were not blessed with enough height. They are not contented with what they have because they think that beauty must be equipped with right components and being tall is one. Let me tell you, not just ordinary footwear is enough but good quality ones that can blend with the existing trend. Just take this whit platform wedge by Matiko. The cheap price of $135 would be worth the perfect look that it would complement your sexy legs. For the summer or spring look, the bright colored pair has a 4 inches of wooden heel and 1 inch platform. What do you think of this towering must-have?

pic via sliceofstyle.com

Boutique Shoe Boxes by Bombay Duck

March 24th, 2014 by aclazaro

If you used to collect pretty shoes then the appeal of your investments should last longer than necessary in an equally chic styled boutique shoe boxes. If you can’t show all of your collections in a glass cabinet then the decorative boxes in a set of three from Bombay Duck is a good option for a price tag of $50. Each box has an outer print that can be used as a category or just to hide what’s inside.

pic via sliceofstyle.com

Strawberry Top Ankle Sock by Free People

March 10th, 2014 by aclazaro

How often do you usually have a pedicure in a month? Personally, if I will not be lazy at all, I visit the beauty salon every two weeks so that would be twice a month. I have the habit of trying every color of nail polish for my feet to set up my mood. However, when I am attacked with procrastination it would be better to have this Strawberry Top Ankle Sock by Free People. Why would I say that? Because it would be no problem at all if I missed a pedicure session and I have to go to the shopping mall or meet some friends. You can pair the kawaii sock with your favorite platform sandals or peep-toe pumps to have the cute prep-schoolgirl look. To have a detailed inspection, the materials used for this reversible sock are organic cotton and nylon. The whimsical look can be purchased for $24 by having the stripes on one side and the other with tiny flowers.

pic via sliceofstyle.com

Gypsy Heel by Seychelles

March 7th, 2014 by aclazaro

I think that being fashionable equates to being experimental when maximizing the use of your trendy stuffs. You should not limit on what was written but try to be bold with your actions and try to personalize. Just like with clothes, you try to mix and match things so that a piece that is supposed to be exclusive for night time parties could be worm for daytime. You just switch the bottoms add up some accessories plus the proper hairdo and makeup viola you are all set. Try this one with the Gypsy Heel by Seychelles. If it is an evident summer wear then why try to use it during cold weather with your cutest pair of socks? Especially made with luxurious suede, this stand-out heel can be purchased for $95 in color black or orange. Other features include 4.25 inch stacked heel that will definitely elevate those who are in need of height as well as an adjustable ankle wrap for a secured fit. Try wearing these for your office work or if you want to do ballroom afterwards.

pic via sliceofstyle.com