Burbery Prosum Silk-Blend Knot Shirt

March 21st, 2013 by aclazaro

If this is your first time to see this, then this is the Burbery Prosum Silk-Blend Knot Shirt. For sure, this will win your heart just as how it has won many women’s hearts already. It made its first debut on the runway.

Its design is very simple. It only has two huge knots right at the front and one huge knot on its back. It also has a rushing and a zip fastening right at the back. The skirt is wrapped around its thighs and hips which would effectively make your hips and legs look sexier.

It is made out of viscose that is 68% and 32% silk. It is very easy, light and comfortable enough to wear. You can surely be attracted to its design by now but you may get to worry about your sizing later. It is in Italian sizing and it is cut for a sure, close fit.

Photo via handbags800.com

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