2010 Fashion Week in Toronto

November 10th, 2009 by dooce


It was a bit of shock that talented fashion designers are mostly coming from the north like Greta Constatine.

The fashion designer became the darling of Toronto Fashion Scene as his collection took over an Audi dealership to show loyalists and media in supporting her 2010 Spring collection. Greta became known for their impressive work with Jersey  may be inspiration run too free that some critics pledged the collection as a bit scattered.

The collection  comes from fresh and innovative ideas that everyone love. It is definitely a rising reputation and making of a fashion designer start for the young designer.  Aside from Greta, there is also Travis Taddeo, Lucian Matis, and Pink Taratan.

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Runway Review: Issac Mizrahi Collection 2010

October 18th, 2009 by dooce

isaac-mizrahi-pink-flower-dress-240tp091709New is the New York Fashion Week was Isaac Mizrahi’s 2010 collection with a Fred Astaire themed frolic through the rain. 

The show started with swishy skirted easy silk dresses, and belted peak lapel jackets. The collection shifted from Vlada dress to high wasted shorts. 

The last part of the show presented glorious evening gowns like the diamond double breasted loose fitting dress. I personally love the pink sparkle sheath fitted and the black strapless sparkling jumpsuit fit for Liza Minelli. His evening gowns where like movie star gowns with hourglassed ruffled poufed. 

The dresses and gowns were accessorized with Maximal earrings of variety of dangly spangly and buttons.

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From the Runway: Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Collection

October 12th, 2009 by msj484


Fresh from the runway, here is a sneak peek of what the Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 collection has to offer.  Apparently inspired by the designers obsession with the youth, it has one of the most unusual collection of recent history. And not everything is well received like the huge, furry attachment to the bag, the mustachioed shoes and all sorts of tassels, twigs, and what not. The rest of the collection looks decent enough with colorful mix-and-matches of various materials that the young is expected to fall in love with. The color choices is also something to take note of: fresh, bright and light, I guess the designers really had the youth in mind.

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Hermes Fashion Collection 2010

October 11th, 2009 by dooce


I have never seen a fashion collection where you will love all the clothes being presented except now at Hermes 2010 Fashion collection. The designs are all must love and must have designs.

Hermes theme was Tennis with its classic tipspin. Hermes spring collection are must have when he presented his latest creation with stimulating graphics of black and white sportswear.

Jean Paul Gaultier also served different kinds of tennis skirts from long line cardigans to club t-shirts. It was very unpredictable especially when a creamy lizard Birkin was served with a ball bag to match. Hermes made a good job in preserving his timeless style.

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Collette Dinnigan Fashion Collection For 2010

October 11th, 2009 by dooce

collete 2010 Fashion

It was Collette Dinnigan time to shine on its fashion collection show for 2010.

The collection was themed after Alice in the Wonderland for its spring collection. Her collection for 2010 consist of her opening dresses with black and white color spring dresses and on the later part of the show dresses to change from formal to fun.

Bold colored dresses came up with their painterly floral prints with ruffled and tiered dresses. Audience heated up when they saw the bold colored collections after the boring white and black collections.

It was amusing to see the black and white pattern again on the final run of her collection. Check out some of here dresses here.

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Ann Taylor Is Back

October 10th, 2009 by dooce

Ann Taylor is back to fave the fashion trend of today’s business woman.This was the theme of Ann Taylor’s 2010 Spring’s collection, which was presented in New York Fashion Week.

Tricomi, Edward, hairstylist, created the complementary hairdo of the models ramping the casual ladylike designs of Ann Taylor.

The collection consists of fresh designs breaking the contemporary look of today’s busy woman. Fashionable, carefree, casual, and in command are just the right words that Ann Taylor’s 2010 collection’s impression left to the fashion audience last fashion week in New York. I must say it was a successful came back from Ann Taylor’s fashion design.


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Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2010 For Men and Women Collection

October 8th, 2009 by dooce

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2010 Collection for Men and Women is captivatingly glamorous and yet very casual and relaxed. The collection consists of loose pants, comfortable and soft jerseys, tailored jackets.


The whole collection itself is very stimulating and soothing. What I like about Tommy’s new collection is the color of each clothing line. Its collection has the shade of dark blue, neutral colors, shocking pink, peaches, and shades of blue, azure, and carmine.

For the shorts, I love RL’s crisp short pockets in his collection. The entire collection projects sexiness and elegance.

Lindsay Lohan Faced Harsh Reality

October 6th, 2009 by dooce

Lindsay Lohan was busy working as the new head designer Estrella Archs after teaming up three weeks ago with Emanuel Ungaro, fashion designer house.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

No matter how she made an effort to bring the best in her fashion debut collection, she faced the harsh reality of the fashion industry. Many have raised their eyebrows during the fashion show after presenting a collection of blazers and mini dresses.

It seems the fashion critics are not happy about Lindsay’s bra tops with a stripper inspired nipple pasty collection. Lohan admitted that the show has been the hardest project she has ever done. Well, most of her collections were hot pink and peaches thigh skimming dresses designed for a Beach party.

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