MAC Brush set with LV Case!

January 16th, 2014 by aclazaro

Aside from being regarded for its tasteful and high quality make up products, MAC is also very much patronized for its durable and high quality make up brushes. All MAC brushes are made with horse hair, mink hair and wool, where as the handles are made up of   birch, linden and ramin wood materials. Each brush is distinctly tapered depending on its functions. Bristles of the brushes are soft and yet full, which makes it light and very easy to use when spreading the make up on the face. Mind you, these brushes are no less than hand-sculpted and assembled! No wonder, more professional make up artists prefer MAC brushes. And now, carrying your MAC make up brushes have never been more stylish with its Louis Vuitton case!

MAC Brushes with LV Case

MAC Brush set with LV Case $210.00

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