Benetint: Cheek Tint

January 5th, 2010 by msj484

Benetint by Benefit is considered to be a staple in many beauty kits. From students to models to professional makeup artists. It is well known to be the best cheek and lip tint out there in the market today.

41dpttaytzl_ss265_It only comes in one shade. Now don’t panic. Cheek tints will match any fair skin tone out there. If you have dark skin, you might want to opt for a bronzer of some sort. What’s great about Benetint is that it lasts for hours. It doesnt come off even if you’re eating. What I noticed about it is if you sweat, it gives you that post-workout glow and makes it even more natural looking.

benetint1This bottle will last for months since you only need a little bit to add a pink glow to  your cheeks. It also smells nice, not synthetic or anything. It actually smells like roses.

benetint pocketAfter the phenomenal success of Benetint, Benefit decided to come out with a pocket-sized one. Its perfect for when you don’t want to lug around a bag. You can slip this tiny thing in your pocket and you’re good to go for those emergency touch-ups.

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  1. DiAnn Ellis says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Can you please tell me where I may purchase the Benetint lip tint in the Palo Alto area?

    DiAnn Ellis

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