How To Treat Dry Skin

December 24th, 2013 by aclazaro

Here are some tips on how to treat dry skin:

When you shower use lukewarm water and don’t take long showers or baths.

Apply moisturizer while skin is still damp to seal in moisture.

Use mild soap and avoid perfumed soaps.

Use a humidifier at home.

Avoid skin care products that contain alcohol.

Don’t wash your face too frequently.

Use moisturizers which contain emollients. Emollients, such as urea and mineral oils, soften skin and provide a barrier to keep moisture in and harmful agents out. Your moisturizer should also have lipids (fat or waxes) such as cholesterol, lecithin or glycerol.

Dry skin can cause flaky and rough skin. To get rid of the layer of dead skin use a gentle exfoliant containing alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid.

Wear sunscreen.

Apply moisturizer frequently.

Make Your Own Hand And Foot Cream

February 18th, 2013 by aclazaro

Do you want to make your own hand and foot cream? Well, then this is a great time for you to know that this task is not impossible at all to do. This would surely complete your entire health routine along with knowing already how to make your own facial mask and hair conditioner.

Use some ½ cup of olive oil combined with some sea salt that is all natural and massage this to both your feet and hands. Leave it there in your skin for some few minutes and then you simply rinse it with some warm water.

For more natural beauty products and recipes, you can surely find a lot of free resources when you take the time to visit the Net for beauty sites. You can also still browse many beauty magazines or books to help you out in your search for all natural beauty recipes which you can be proud enough having done it on your own.

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Affordable Beauty Tips That Will Make You Say Goodbye

February 18th, 2013 by aclazaro

It is possible to maintain a stunning look without having to waste too much money. Here are some affordable beauty tips you can start doing:

Say Goodbye To Those Blemishes

Dab on some toothpaste on those spots and leave overnight.

Say Goodbye To Dried Skin

Put some petroleum jelly or maybe Vaseline on the areas affected.

Say Goodbye To Falling Hair

Mix some cinnamon to water of 12 ounces or more. Let it boil together for about 5 to 10 minutes. When it cools down, you can start applying it to your scalp for another 10 to 15 minutes. Then you can do your regular shampooing and rinse it well just how you usually clean your hair.

Say Goodbye To Blackheads

Combine honey and oatmeal and apply directly to your skin. You have to massage it into your skin for around 5 to 7 minutes before you rinse it totally off with some warm water.

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Rock & Republic Nika Stud Platform Pumps on Needle Heel

January 10th, 2013 by aclazaro

 Rock & Republic Nika Stud Platform Pumps on Needle Heel

Show them what you’ve got with these rockin’ pumps from the Rock & Republic. The shoe is available in the richest shade of fuchsia, grey and black. These pointed-toe leather heels feature assorted studs at the heel cap and a 4″ metal needle heel. The upper is made up of suede, outsole and insole is with leather. Price tag is $295.

 Rock & Republic Nika Stud Platform Pumps on Needle Heel

 Rock & Republic Nika Stud Platform Pumps on Needle Heel

 Rock & Republic Nika Stud Platform Pumps on Needle Heel

 Rock & Republic Nika Stud Platform Pumps on Needle Heel

 Rock & Republic Nika Stud Platform Pumps on Needle Heel

 Rock & Republic Nika Stud Platform Pumps on Needle Heel

 Rock & Republic Nika Stud Platform Pumps on Needle Heel

 Rock & Republic Nika Stud Platform Pumps on Needle Heel

Create Your Own Face Mask

December 26th, 2012 by aclazaro

Yes, to eat good food is important to supply your body with the sufficient amount of nutrients to make your skin and body look good as well. You can also get all the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients if you apply them directly on your skin.

Try mixing mashed carrot, mashed avocado and an egg beaten with several tablespoons of honey. These ingredients can help you come up with a face mask that will render vitamins helpful for improving the overall texture and tone of your skin. Combine it well and let it stay for 15 minutes before you wash it off using cold water.

When you are done nourishing your skin with this mask, you can now start applying the diluted juice of lemon or maybe even grated cucumber to serve as your toner. This would help in tightening up your skin and closing up your pores.

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Make Your Own Hair Conditioner

December 25th, 2012 by aclazaro

Many people go to salons not just for a haircut but also for sessions of hot oil. Everyone wants soft and smooth textured hair. So why pay or spend on a lot of conditioners that are not so effective in making your hair look stunning? Here is a homemade recipe you can try for you to save money and also help your hair achieve help from a naturally made hair conditioner.

Mix up an egg yolk with 1 tablespoon of castor oil and apply it to your hair. Let it stay for 10 minutes before rinsing out. You can use this mix as often as you like just the same as how you use an ordinary conditioner.

If you seem to be more daring, you can also mix other kitchen stuff like a variety of herbs and any other organic ingredient and mix it with eggs would surely help in giving you shiny and healthy hair.

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Gucci Flora Perfume

December 20th, 2012 by aclazaro

The Gucci Flora perfume is nothing as floral at all. In a sense that there is nothing strong or sharp about its scent. It is actually light and evokes the younger consumer of Gucci as what Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini describes it. The notes for Flora are listed as citrus, peony, rose, osmanthus, pink pepper, sandalwood and patchouli, but in conclusion, Flora is a sheer, almost-sparkling floral, very pale and clean. Available at macys for $90.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

August 26th, 2012 by aclazaro

Skin Care Products

Being fashionable is not only the way you dress, but it reflects on your appearance and how you maintain it. The joys of summer come with a price, with the heat, humidity, and scorching sunlight, and ravenous insects summer will sure put stress on your skin. But have no fear, by just finding the right product you can put your stress away. Here are a few products to help your skin healthy:

Rodial Skinny Beach SPF $49 - a blend of anti-cellulite ingredients and UVA and UVB sunscreens gives this moderate skin protector bonus slimming benefits.

Rodial Skinny Beach SPF $49

Xen-tan Deep Bronze Luxe $49 – if you can’t stand looking blanche on the beach, this cream gives you an instant tint of bronze and last for a full week.

Xen-tan Deep Bronze Luxe $49

L’Occitane do Brasil After-Sun Balm $22 – packed with organic cupuacu oil, an intense moisturizing extract found in Brazil. This balm is perfect after suffering from too much fun in the sun.

L'Occitane do Brasil After-Sun Balm $22

So just keep these products handy and you’ll be alright!