Rihanna in D&G Leopard Print

June 17th, 2010 by aclazaro

Rihanna is not just a great R&B singer and a controversial celebrity, but moreover she is a great fashionista. With a great body, it is easy for Rihanna to sport any kind of clothing or trend of style and fashion. Probably her secret is that she is oozing with self confidence that builds up her overall beauty and appeal.

All her outfits according to many fashion critics add inspiration to imaginative ideas of designers. Here we see her wearing a Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Dress. Almost every woman, especially the ones with the bolder personalities love the leopard prints all the time. And Dolce is one of the best suppliers of such clothes.

Truly, Rihanna exudes of great girl power especially when she won over her personal violence issues and struggles with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna totally rocks and we will continue to look forward to the rest of her outfits in the future.

Photo via bagthatstyle.com

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