Valentino Silk-Taffeta Rosette-Embellished Leather Tote

November 28th, 2013 by aclazaro

Silky, lovely, fiery – all these are perfect words to describe this all new Valentino Silk-Taffeta Rosette-Embellished Leather Tote. This is perfect for the glamorous lady in you and can liven up any of your planned chic attires. It can totally add brightness to your overall appeal and add a lot of glamour to your style. Besides, Valentino has never failed in carrying out such elegant totes.

It comes with crimson pelt and the decoration ornaments set in reddish and purple silk. It has apex holders as well. It comes with interior pocket and binding compartments that are all zipped up. It is designer embossed with some commemorative inscription and some hoary hardware. It is also totally wizened up in some cherry twill. You would love all its ruffle looking design up in the front part of the bag. This bag is also perfect to match  with any black leather dress or skirt.

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