Sneaker Box Backpack for your Sneakerhead Man!

June 26th, 2012 by aclazaro

Applebum Sneaker Box Backpack

I saw this cool handmade collage backpack produced by apparel brand Applebum and said to myself wow this is just the perfect gift for your man who is crazy about sneakers! With its unique design which comes with a photo print made up of sneaker boxes from the most recognized brands in the game, no more collecting of your old shoe boxes up to the latest! The $30 price tag is just absolutely perfect for your guy. Kinda cheap for the love of your life huh?

Applebum Sneaker Box Backpack

Applebum Sneaker Box Backpack

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  1. Italo says:

    where can i get this backpack i wanna get it for girlfriend please

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