Salar Juni Woven Shoulder Bag

October 16th, 2013 by aclazaro

The Salar Juni Woven Shoulder Bag is the right shoulder bag that is ideal for anyone to carry. You can be assured that once you have this bag, you only have exciting days ahead of you. It is something that will make you appreciate again the simple and little things. Even if you are the one who is drawn to very colorful bags, you would finally appreciate deep black and what is somehow called as abiding.

This is set in black leather which can appeal to the punk teenagers. Even if it is somehow traditional, it is still a lot edgy and fresh to the looks. It is made up of soft leather that can give your sense of fashion a lot of texture and it is also woven with several loose crosshatch. Its being black ensures that it will stay neutral and purposeful at all times. It is truly worth its price even at $810.

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