Reed Krakoff Kit Bags

October 29th, 2013 by aclazaro

Here we feature a Reed Krakoff Kit bags that is so impressive. If you are a fan of clean palettes and elegant buckles, then you would love this collection. These new kit bags have earned a high impression in the world of bags. It all has closures that may look a bit complex but are just simply some snap and close. It has some leather tab and hardware that adds up to its overall look. But in reality, it is just a magnetic closure.

Our favorite features above it all are the backs that have some double open pockets and a small cardholder. It is simply filled with a lot of nice details that you just cannot get enough of. There is a lot too that has been going on with its straps and this clutter that they have may just look complex, but in functionality is very simple to understand.

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