Rachel Roy Japan Bag – Kindness is Always Fashionable

October 17th, 2013 by aclazaro

One of the very first things that will attract you to this bag is its tagline which says Kindness is always fashionable. It truly make some extra meaning that would apparently let you know that if you would buy this bag, you are doing something meaningful for a cause. This is a design by Rachel Roy meant to be a fundraiser for the earthquake and tsunami in Japan recently. This is an amazing tote that is filled with a mighty slogan. It also has the symbol of the flag of Japan.

On its back, you will also see the signature of Rachel drawn with some heart to signify love for the country. All the profits from the sales of this bag will go straight to Global Giving charities and it only cost $25. This will render long term help to the needy victims of the country and its recent tragedy.

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