Mulberry Carter Suede Shoulder Bag

April 11th, 2014 by aclazaro

If you like the suede type of material especially with bags, then you should have a look at this Mulberry Carter Suede Shoulder Bag. You can match this up with your casual attire just like the one that you will see that we have included here in this entry. In short, this is perfect for any laid back attire you have in your fashion collection. And to think that this was from Mulberry would make it all such a great deal.

This bag comes with an interior pocket plus some zipped up compartments that are binding. It also has natural fiber fetter and the suede shoulder fasten set in twofold. It has entwined strap façade for its receptacle and the entire thing is totally wrinkled. It has zipped up binding too. This is just one trendy bag that you would love to have. It can also be a bit luxurious in cost as well.

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