Matthew Williamson Embellished Clutch

October 28th, 2013 by aclazaro

This is the Matthew Williamson Embellished Clutch that is considered to be one goody bag. It is perfect to be brought to any party you are to attend for it can lift any spirit and even add some esteem to any wardrobe. It is set in bright blue satin that comes almost with a periwinkle tint. It also has a pewter metal frame and majority of it is covered in sequins and some beads reads. It would remind you of your ancient yet cool looking jewelry box.

It is crisp, refreshing and cheerful with all its lining. It has a small strap chain option that is made perfect for any nightout. It is completely ornamental since it carries an Art-Deco design. With its very modern clasp and a thrown back era design, what else can you ask more from this design? This is something every twenty something girl would love to possess.

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