Marni Structured Leather Tote

November 28th, 2013 by aclazaro

If you are into the corporate style of bags, then you must check out this Marni Structured Leather Tote. This is all beautiful black leather and some minimal hardware that works all together well. This is a very corporate bag that is not stiff at all when it comes to its personality. It has all rounded seams and several corners that make this tote still look young and fresh. With the fold over flap hangs open once in a while, this is a sign of great playfulness.

This is perfect for the grown ups who are on their way to very serious meetings and needs to make good impressions that will last. You can achieve all these with this bag without losing the sense of what is fun and young. If you love simple bags, you should include this in your collection. At least you have something formal that still is lighthearted.

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