Marc Jacobs 2010 Rockstar Clutch

June 9th, 2010 by aclazaro

The brand Marc Jacobs is known to be belonging more into the streamline and has subdued efforts in behalf of LV. But all the bag designs we have seen recently from them are all quite too simple. The closest we can get to are furs, sequins, exotic leather, a few metallics – all of which are mixed in a variety of ways to give utmost impact for a handbag.

Some people find it too confusing at times but we personally love when designers get to mix such variety of materials. Hence, if you agree with this thought, then you would also love the Marc Jacobs 2010 Rockstar Clutch.

This bag makes a huge statement that everyone will surely get to notice. Besides this is more subdued than the ones with fur and sequins. Marc Jacobs was successful in mixing a good bunch of materials that still was presented in a very appealing manner.

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