Maje Kumy Napa Leather Clutch

May 5th, 2014 by aclazaro

This unique kind of clutch is what you would surely want to carry if you want to sport a tiger spotted blouse or dress like the one that you will see in the picture of the model carrying this clutch. This Maje Kumy Napa Leather Clutch is set in full orange tones that are surely back into being very trendy. This is very carroty as many critics would say, of course, due to its bright orange color.

It comes with a nappa pelt on its interior gash area with an inside layer that comes with a dark print. It has magnetic binding that is obscured and a bullion that is zipped up on the apex transversely. This is a very modern looking clutch that can brighten up any attire that you may think is dull. You can bring this for any casual or formal event that you may have to attend soon.

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