It’s More Than Just Skin Deep! It’s Balenciaga Metallic Crocodile Wristlet

December 21st, 2012 by aclazaro

If you are the kind of person who sees every simple and normal thing in your environment as an art form, then the Balenciaga Metallic Crocodile Wristlet won’t miss your keen eye. It may look like it won’t be so much purposeful in carrying a good amount of your personal things – for it is something that you would just have to stare and admire once you get your hands on it.

The treatment of the crocodile skin shines beautifully as it is capable of reflecting all the colors of its immediate surroundings. It carries a finish made up of polished turquoise shade accents. In fact, though, it is really quite hard to tell if the accents were made out of lucite or stone. It also comes with an attached box chain strap perfect to fir your wrist for security.

You surely wouldn’t want this art piece stolen right in front of your eyes so you’d better keep it close to you all the time.

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