Elle MacPherson with a Gucci Bag

May 26th, 2010 by aclazaro

I am quite sure you are already familiar with the Gucci Joy Boston Bad with the Snowman and Elephant print designs. For we have featured this already in one of the previous entries. But guess who is also in love with this Gucci bag? Well, it is none other than Elle MacPherson.

This bag is definitely light not just to your arms but to your sight. In this image, we can see Elle MacPherson carrying this much loved bag with such great enthusiasm. She has paired the bag well with a casual yet so elegant attire which can make any women go mad envious about her.

If you like this bag as much as Elle, then you must search the Internet and order a piece of them now. It can simply put so much zest in your casual outfits and make you feel light no matter how hectic the day is waiting for you.

Photo via purseblog.com

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