Eden Studded Leather Clutch From Christian Louboutin

April 30th, 2014 by aclazaro

This is one rocking clutch from Christian Louboutin that is set to be loved even by the most sophisticated woman of fashion. This is an Eden Studded Leather Clutch that can surely add a lot of glamour and upgraded class wherever you go as long as you match it up with the right outfit and style of fashion. This is one stylish clutch you surely cannot resist. The first thing you will notice with this are the studs that just simply glitter in the best way they can.

It comes with dark pelt and a shoulder fastening set in shackle style and some hoary hoops. It also has been totally creased with the trademark crimson twills. It also has some shoe grasp bind that is set in scarlet. This is one eccentric looking clutch but it is worth your resources to own this one and make it a unique part of your overall collection.

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