Donna Karan Liaison Bag

December 2nd, 2013 by aclazaro

Donna Karan is one brand that is surely aware of all the fashion needs of every season and hence they are coming up with staple season bags like this Donna Karan Liaison Bag. It carries an overall elegant feel due to its luxe materials set in a fashion that is more subdued. You may initially see it in silver color but if you would click more, you will also see another set in the brown tone.

Even if you are not really attracted with brown leather bags, you would change your mind with this one. There is something perfect about its design elements especially when the weather starts cooling down. It is very simple in color and has a style that will allow or leave your overall clothing fashion stand out. It comes with a resin bar that is glossy along with a closure right on the top handle. It comes in small and large size.

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