Dior Resort 2011 Tote

June 24th, 2010 by aclazaro

This Dior Resort 2011 Tote received a series of quite easy complaints from most bag critics. Do not take it wrong. This designer handbag line is a sure standout but it does not have an official price or even a name yet. The overall design is quite simple but it still manages to symbolize everything that a Dior handbag should be and need to have – femininity, most of all.

The quilting you will see on this bag is very delicate and particularly soft. It would make you doubt your eyes if it were deceiving you since the bag is not even made out of leather. It somehow looks like lambskin and it will be a sure hit once it hits the shelves of the shops.

It carries an amazing dove grey color to make things all the better for the bag and its handle attachments are embellished with rhinestone encrustments.

Photo via purseblog.com

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