Chanel Violet Flap Bag

September 4th, 2013 by aclazaro

Chanel well-known for its quilted fabric and leather which also has a “secret” quilting pattern sewn at the back to keep the material strong. The classic flap’s beauty speaks for itself, it has become synonymous and iconic to the house of Chanel. They say that prices of the bags from Chanel continue to go up and that’s what it makes it a good investment. Timeless, elegant and still a hit to most luxury consumers as it is way back in the 1950’s. And no doubt a lot of famous celebrities are inlove with the Chanel Flap Bag like Kirsten Dunst. She was seen carrying this bag and I think she owns a couple in different colors. And even Gossip Girl star Blake Lively a.k.a Serena Vanderwoodson has it. So it’s about time we get or own. Enjoy!

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