Chanel Handbags Spring 2011 Collection

October 20th, 2010 by aclazaro

We got the Chanel handbags right here. We present to you the Chanel Handbags Spring 2011 Collection that many say are straightly hideous. All the bags and clothing that they will soon introduce definitely need some sufficient credit for its being fabulous. Chanel will always be known for their accessories of clothes and bags more than their shoe products. The inspiration for this collection was taken from Last Year at Marienbad, which is an avant garde movie from the early parts of the sixties.

It was translated through its ragged edges and even its lattice of perforations. Some of the bags carry such characteristics while others display a very classic design that come with an awkward twist. For example, the classic bags with the flap came in super soft leather which are held by a contrasting rigid frame which then turns it into some kind of a coin purse or clutch.

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