Chanel Chinese Doll Clutch

March 21st, 2013 by aclazaro

Lovely, isn’t it? Well this is the Chanel Chinese Doll Clutch. This bag is a part of Karl Lagerfeld’s handbag collection that is Shanghai oriented. He was able to come up with this design even without having been in Shanghai before. His collection shows great Parisan skill making all of them a true French luxury.

This bag took its inspiration from Chinese terra-cotta, golden embroidery, lantern, and the likes. But this would surely catch the attention of anyone all over the globe. This bag also shoes ideal fusion of when East meets West. It mixes great exotic features with this cute China doll lock for the clutch made in strass, enamel and plexiglass.

If you have been to Shanghai, then you would surely be able to rekindle some old memories of your travel there when you see this bag. It may look Asian but it carries all the elegance of a Paris made bag.

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