Burberry Ashwood Leather Shoulder Bag

October 30th, 2013 by aclazaro

What you are seeing here is the Burberry Ashwood Leather Shoulder Bag. This look would make you miss the old school look even if you would still not miss going back to school when it is still the summer vacation. It is perfect though to look forward for a new semester that comes with buckles and some soft leather. It canvas trimming is set in caramel leather along with canvas trims and the pockets that every girl would love. It is truly and highly preppy.

You should not confuse it with any of the other saddle bags since its calf skin appeal is totally thin and sleek. It is also very easy to wear that you would easily match it up with your casual jeans or any back to school attire that is cool. You can get this for a luxurious cost of $1295 but if you want it for storage of your iPad, then this is one great deal.

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