Botkier Conor Leather Shoulder Bag

October 24th, 2013 by aclazaro

When it comes to detailing, this Botkier Conor Leather Shoulder Bag should be your number one option. This very talented designer is really committed to making a very friendly designer handbag that offers a very refined style to make it an ideal carry all. This is perfect for the fast paced lifestyle of the New Yorkers. You must really check out this conor leather shoulder bag that is freshly released.

This means to serve the everyday working occasions and even the casual afterwork fun activities with this single bag that has a generous shape. It is outlined with some ultra soft and slouchy type of leather that is set in solemn black shade. It is teamed up well with bright white cinch along with some drawstring and some long shoulder straps. It also has some panel with silver studs right under a flap style cover. It also can bring a punk and rock blaze for your personality.

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