BE & D Mr. Vogel Satchel Bag

March 18th, 2014 by aclazaro

The BE & D Mr. Vogel Satchel Bag shows utmost sophistication perfect to complement any exquisite fashion. It is made out of python leather and leather trimmings. It comes with double rolled handles and its leather strap is detachable. It also has a gold hardware. It has a main compartment closure and lined interior which has a zip pocket. It also has a key hook with interwoven buttoned strap at the sides and on the back.

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Dylan Leather Convertible by Be & D

February 14th, 2014 by aclazaro

What is the first thing that you put into consideration when you are looking for a good bag to add to your collection? Is it the hardware, the price, the size or the color? I think that the color influences most the overall appearance of the bag. What do you think? Look at the Dylan Leather Convertible by Be & D for example. Let’s talk about its other features before the color. The little cross body of this futuristic bag has raised spheres on the flap that can be annoying or spectacular. At first glance, it reminded me of a science fiction movie with a tinge of fantasy. But then the color ruined other characteristics that can make me look closely. Be & D called it as a citrus color but it never complemented with the real citrus fruit color rather it is like in fleshy shade of salmon. If you can stand the gross color, you can buy it through Saks for $495.

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Woodstock Portfolio Messenger Bag by Be&D

January 24th, 2014 by aclazaro

Are you planning to get engaged on an activity that will require you to work hands-free? That’s not all. What if you need to bring your valuables with you most of the time like horseback riding, biking or skating? Then, the Woodstock Portfolio Messenger Bag from Be&D would be simply perfect for that purpose. The funky and edgy look of this bag matched the high quality whip-stitched soft leather. Other features include chain link strap, few silvertone studs, shoulder strap as a single or double, functional pockets and zipper. You should have this great messenger bag at Saks for $795.

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Genesis Bag from Be&D

January 26th, 2013 by aclazaro

This bag certainly carries all the classic characteristics of any elegant Be&D bag. It has detailing out of whipstitched process and has leather that is supple washed. You would love the studs making it so perfect to bring along this spring and summer to match your casual attire as you say goodbye to winter.

This bag has a single shoulder strap with a detachable crossbody strap which is longer. The silver hardware gives the casual look to this leather bag and inside, it has a key ring and cell phone pocket.

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Be&D Garbo Convertible Bag

December 21st, 2012 by aclazaro

Last weeks episode of Gossip Girl, I think I have seen this beautiful bag carried by Taylor Momsen a.k.a. Jenny Humphrey. Or I might be wrong due to the fact that a lot of studded handbags are being released every single month. It’s not that I am sick of it, I love each and every one of them but I think it’s about time they try to lessen up creating the same handbags.

But anyway, let’s talk about the bag. The Be&D Garbo is embellished allover with hardware studs and has a slouchy shape that makes it so edgy and intriguing. The bag can actually be worn as a tote or as a foldover messenger bag. That’s pretty amazing. It’s like buying 2 bags for the price f 1. Price tag is $1,490 but too bad it’s currently out of stock. but you can call saks to inquire about availability.

Be&D Kan Kan Tote

December 20th, 2012 by aclazaro

I know that what I’ll be featuring here today is a little bit out of season but this Be&D Kan Kan Tote is worth discussing! No wonder some of the hottest Hollywood celebrities are so inlove with it, they are even using it upto date. The Kan Kan tote is large and roomy enough to hold files, a laptop or even a baby as seen in the photo. It is designed with delicate ruffle panels on both sides, suede and signature hardware accents. The best part of it for me is the fact that you can actually wore it in 2 different ways, hand held or over your shoulders because it comes with a detachable strap. Price tag is a worthy $1,390 and is available in cream, navy or black. Check it out at be&

Be & D Woodstock Hobo

December 8th, 2012 by aclazaro

It’s always fun to see studs designing a beautiful handbag. But of course it all depends on how it was incorporated with the handbag. I would prefer not to much studs for safety reasons, especially if you are someone who walks alongside with a kid always.

The Be & D Woodstock Hobo captured my heart with its excellent leather that looks cottony soft. The bag’s slouchy shape just made it even more interesting and intriguing. And the color is soothing, it doesn’t hurt your eyes at all. The beautiful Woodstock Hobo also features a single strap and a few internal pockets for your basic stuff. It is also available in a perfect shade of brown and you can get it at shopbop with a price tag of $995.

The Softer Look Of the Be&D Studded Zip Around Clutch Wallet

July 9th, 2012 by aclazaro

With the trend of handbags bearing the design of being entirely studded, I never became a big fan. Yes, they mean us no harm but the fact that it looks sharp makes me cringe a bit to the idea that I would be holding on to them like I am sort of a gang member ready for battle.

But when Be&D released their Studded Zip Around Clutch Wallet, my perception changed. The studs used in their design still looked like tiny pyramids but they are not too sharp looking. I just realized too that stuffing it won’t be doing you well since it just serves to be a think and sleek wallet.

With a detachable wrist strap, the clutch bag can also work as a wristlet. This is one good reminder that you should keep it light. And do not forget. Their studs are less sharper than the others. I assure that they won’t leave red marks all over your hands.