Balenciaga Tube Clutch

October 17th, 2013 by aclazaro

If you want some clean toned purse in black with a cylinder lock, then you should settle for this Balenciaga Tube Clutch. Its flap shape takes on the V design which further improves the hardware with its lock. It is made to be one great masterpiece that is simple yet highly elegant. This tube clutch comes with a mirror as well that is very handy for any clutch owner. This is perfect for those who have made it a habit to always look at how they look in a fly.

This is also made available in other crayola colors, but for me, this neutral black type is one of the best and most elegant ones I can own. It is priced at about $865. You can pair it up nicely with any beautiful accessory especially the ones set in silver hardware. Anyone can definitely go crazy over you when you pair this up with some great accessories and a lovely dress.

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