Balenciaga Padlock Totes

October 29th, 2013 by aclazaro

Can you spot what is making these two bags look different from the usual ones? Well, if it is the padlock or hardware you have seen, then you got the correct answer. Yes. It has colored hardware. These are the Balenciaga Padlock Totes that also serve as amazing accessories to most fashionistas. You would love as much as we do the enamel closure that is colored right up front. It is not everyday that you see bags with hardware like these.

We have all seen the shiny silver and gold types, but whatever happened if we try something with color, right? I also loved these colors of both bags but I love more the Green and Red combo which makes it more appealing even if it would remind you of the Christmas colors. Would you be willing to bring some bags soon with colored hardware pieces? What do you think of these Balenciaga designs?

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