Balenciaga Voyage 24h Classic Duffel

December 16th, 2014 by aclazaro

This is the perfect and fashionable travel bag that can keep you stylish at all times. It has a lot of space and made out of lambskin material. It has the shoulder strap that is detachable too for easy carrying  and the  fabric lined interiors. It has zipper pockets and the large organizational pockets too.

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Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags

April 18th, 2014 by aclazaro

In our every entry, we may not always know about the scenes behind the every making of our most favored handbags for we are always satisfied already with seeing how they look and how they can match our sense of fashion. Today, we feature the most popular Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags which have made it big in the industry due to the models who wore it. If not for the models, then we surely would not have even one of these bags.

The most notable model who was always seen carrying these bags is Kate Moss. For sure, anything that Kate Moss says is cool, you would believe it, right? And hence, when she said that these bags are cool even if the experts say that it is not that perfect, then still majority would listen to her. How many Balenciaga motorcycle bags do you have in your own closet? And what color?

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Balenciaga Padlock Totes

October 29th, 2013 by aclazaro

Can you spot what is making these two bags look different from the usual ones? Well, if it is the padlock or hardware you have seen, then you got the correct answer. Yes. It has colored hardware. These are the Balenciaga Padlock Totes that also serve as amazing accessories to most fashionistas. You would love as much as we do the enamel closure that is colored right up front. It is not everyday that you see bags with hardware like these.

We have all seen the shiny silver and gold types, but whatever happened if we try something with color, right? I also loved these colors of both bags but I love more the Green and Red combo which makes it more appealing even if it would remind you of the Christmas colors. Would you be willing to bring some bags soon with colored hardware pieces? What do you think of these Balenciaga designs?

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Balenciaga Tube Clutch

October 17th, 2013 by aclazaro

If you want some clean toned purse in black with a cylinder lock, then you should settle for this Balenciaga Tube Clutch. Its flap shape takes on the V design which further improves the hardware with its lock. It is made to be one great masterpiece that is simple yet highly elegant. This tube clutch comes with a mirror as well that is very handy for any clutch owner. This is perfect for those who have made it a habit to always look at how they look in a fly.

This is also made available in other crayola colors, but for me, this neutral black type is one of the best and most elegant ones I can own. It is priced at about $865. You can pair it up nicely with any beautiful accessory especially the ones set in silver hardware. Anyone can definitely go crazy over you when you pair this up with some great accessories and a lovely dress.

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Balenciaga Pink Clutch Bag

October 11th, 2013 by aclazaro Balenciaga Pink Clutch Bag is a real beauty and she can be yours for only $1,045. That is so nice! For a brand like Balenciaga, a price for as low as that it is just so worth it. The clutch is crafted with soft vintage lambskin, flap front with magnetic closure, interior zip pockets and let’s not forget the Balenciaga embossed leather tag. It’s available in a lot of different colors and this one is just my fave.

Balenciaga Papier A5 Serpent Tote

September 19th, 2013 by aclazaro

If you are a style leader among your friends, then this serpent tote from Balenciaga is what you need. It has a spacious design that is made out of snakeskin leather. It has snakeskin bound mirror design for travelers and has smooth leather for its lined interior. It also has organizational pockets made in snakeskin design too.

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Balenciaga Natural Canvas Edition Ottoman Dupionne Tote

September 12th, 2013 by aclazaro

Are you after a sophisticated kind of fashion? It is made out of natural woven canvas for its exteriors and some red leather trim. It also has a circular cut-out handle with graphic print for its fabric. It has interior zip pocket and goldtone hardware too. It has an open top with side snap buttons.

Balenciaga Chain Bag in Medium Size

July 19th, 2013 by aclazaro

For high class quality, settle for this Balenciaga Chain Bag in Medium Size. This has two pockets right in front that can be closed with the help of a silver finishing buckle. It matches the flap closure with similar silver finishing buckle. You can also find 3 silver metallic rings right at the back of the flap where you can hang your keys. Another great part of the bag is the nickel and leather chain shoulder strap that is handmade which comes in blue. It adds more brightness to it and keeping it from being totally plain.

This is really classic looking and elegant. It has a leather framed mirror on the front that has been a signature for Balenciaga handbags. It makes it all the more concise and clean. This medium size is just perfect for an ideal handbag and you can get it for a huge price of $2,195.

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