Bags on the Bucket List

July 27th, 2011 by aclazaro

Bucket bags are also very trendy since they are considered as the rebellious cousin bags of the hobo satchels. These are more oriented to be worn during the daytime and it is filled with so much youthful casualness. Here we have three bucket bags on our list.

First we have the Alexander Wang Diego Bag that is set in a calf hair design that is very slick and slippery too with some sheen filled twist which is way more sophisticated than anything else. It is also heavily studded. Then there is the Chloe Gabby Bag that somehow is filled with a lot of autumn palette. It also has shiny panels for its skin with an 80s feel. Lastly, there is the Wendy Nichol Bullet which is a collaborative project with Vanderhurd. It uses the classic handwover textiles on its overall design and is filled with braided straps and some tassels that are sleek.

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