BABY COUTURE Diaper Bags- For the Stylish Moms

June 5th, 2012 by aclazaro
Baby Couture Diaper Bags

(From Left to Right: Monaco, Madrid, Melrose, Milan)

There’s a specific bag that matches every personality or lifestyle. We have our preferences and we hope that we find the bags that meet our needs. There are traveling bags, gear bags, laptop bags, mesh bags, etc. There could just be a bag for everything that you can think of. I bought a few bags in the past, mostly handbags, got a backpack too but there’s nothing like a diaper bag. Who says diaper bags are just for Moms who just gave birth? That was then but then Diaper bags nowadays have been reinvented. They have become not only functional but also stylish. You will now see single women, young & old carrying trendy looking diaper bags maybe not for its purpose but as a fashion statement. Baby Couture are diaper bags in disguise as they are fun, fashionable & stylish. They are available in many different designs & colors. To name a few, there’s Madrid, Melrose, Milan, Moscow and Sydney. I was torn between the Monaco & Madrid designs. But at that time I just fell in love with their incredible Tiffany Blue Monaco Collection and good timing, they were 70% off. The material is made of Poly Urethane with water resistant interior lining. Aside from the usual removable, water resistant changing mat for babies, there are many pockets inside which are multi-functional and not just for baby’s needs. It could just hold anything the women will practically have inside the bag like make-up kit, cellphone, pens, calling cards, etc. As Baby Couture would put it, “It is one of the most “purse-like” diaper bags you’ve ever seen, carried by the most style-conscious moms”. I might just buy the Madrid collection as well on my next malling…

Baby Couture Diaper Bags

(From left to right: Moscow, Sydney Grey/Blue, Sydney Grey/Pink)

Baby Couture Diaper Bags

(From left to right: Madeline, Sofia, Daphne, Alexis)

Baby Couture Diaper Bags

(From left to right: Paige Grey/Blue, Paige Grey/Pink, Cassidy Blue Stripes, Hailey Blue/Stripes)

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